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Public Auction


by the Board of Trustees, Hubbard Township

The following Police Division and equipment/machinery are offered for sale;

SEALED BID INSTRUCTIONS; the sealed bid shall be submitted to Hubbard Township c/o the Fiscal Officer, 2600 Elmwood Drive, Hubbard, Ohio 44425 Via mail or drop-off, the sealed bid at the Township Police Department, the Township Road Department and/or the Township Zoning Office Monday thru Friday during regular business hours. To be received no later than 3:00p.m. / 1500 hrs. local time the same day of the public meeting, bid opening/auction on or about 6:30 p.m., 1830 hrs. at the Township Administration building, 14 November 2023. IF YOU ARE PRESENT at the Public Bid opening and have submitted a sealed bid in receipt of the fiscal Officer on the date at this public meeting, and are NOT the winning sealed bid submitter, you will be permitted to increase your sealed bid amount during the "Auction Phase" against other bidders of that same vehicle. The goal being that the Township receives the highest dollar amount possible for the sale of the vehicle. AGAIN, you will only be permitted to participate in the "auction phase of this public sale if you have submitted a sealed bid by the stated deadline, AND are in attendance at this public sale in person NO alternates/ representatives of the actual sealed bid submitter are permitted to participate.

ALL VEHICLES LISTED ARE BEING SOLD AS IS/WHERE IS WITH NO WARRANTY implied or given. By order of the Hubbard Township Board of Trustees

Richard Hernandez, Trustee Chairman being the final arbitrator of any disputes should they arise.

Unit #1: 2013 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor 4 door, SUV 3.7 V-6, Automatic, all-wheel drive, Heavy duty suspension, 220-amp alternator, standard police equipment.

Vehicle runs, drives, stops and the Air Conditioner works. 122,807 miles.

THIS IS A WRECKED POLICE VEHICLE WITH A OHIO SALVAGE TITLE. Is not road worthy and must be towed from Township property.


Unit #2: 2015 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor 4 door, SUV 3.7 V-6, Automatic, all-wheel drive, Heavy duty suspension, 220-amp alternator, standard police equipment

Plus, after market front push bumper, front and rear seat prisoner and rear compartment partitions, police console w/o dedicated gear. Unit is very clean and well maintained. 139,097 miles


Unit # 3: Exact production year unknown; 1966 thru 1971 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER 4X4 tractor, back-hoe, front-end loader combination.

Model #380 D Serial # 442, 4.6L, 6 cyc diesel, 2 speed torque converter/hydrostatic, weight 15,000 Ibs/6804 kg. Engine frozen, will not crank. Excellent example of mid-60's USA made heavy duty construction equipment. No service records or past use available. This was not a township used or maintained tractor/vehicle. Requires towing/flatbed from Township property.

MINIMUM sealed bid amount of $1000

THESE VEHICLES ARE BEING SOLD AS IS/WHERE IS: Winning bidder is responsible for moving/transport within 30 days from award of bid. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION please contact Vincent Bray, Township Road Superintendent at 330.534.9798, ext. #4 - 7am to 3pm Monday thru Friday. Vehicles are on display at the Township Administration and Road Department Parking lot during daylight hours.

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